Today we finished our student-commercial. The theme was Adidas “Teamgeist”. We had to make a commercial about the World Cup ball with the demand not to see the ball in the film. The whole class worked on it. It was a very funny project and we learned a lot how to make a commercial. Click …


New Pixar trailer

I saw the new trailer of the next Pixar movie: Ratatouille. This project was formerly listed as ‘Untitled Pixar Rodent Project’ but the Los Angeles Times reported recently that the movie’s title would be the same as the name of the lead rat: ‘Ratatouille.’ I love it and can’t wait to see in the next …


animation test

Today we animated some little animation tests with a cube person. Here a little test (200 kb) => Link


Galaxy battle

I upload today the galaxy-spaceship project on my homepage. Our class produced this little 12 sec. short sequence in 2 1/2 days. Click the link to see/download the film (1,5 MB)=> Link


Spaceship project

Our course have to make a spaceship fight animation like the intro in Star Wars III. For this 15 sec-project we have 3 days for finished it. Yesterday we modelled all fighters. Here one of the 5 destroyers. Hope you like it. In the next days I will post the final animation. Click the first …



In the last days we worked on a fictitious commercial for a german sport house. First we developed the idea. In the next time we will shoot the shot. Here the first moods:


Ice Age 2: The Meltdown

Yesterday I saw with friends the new animation film “Ice Age 2: The Meltdown”. It was very funny like the original film and packed with clever double entendres. The film adds a host of new characters and addresses complex issues, such as extinction and love, which were nonexistent in Ice Age 1. The CGI animation …



Here you can download now our movie: “The sacred stone of Horus” (21MB) Finally we finished the short. In the last days we still put a narrator in the intro for telling the history of the phararo. We took the text from the “stone of Rossette” because it mached very good with our short. I …


The sacred stone of Horus

Today we finished our 3d-movie! In the next days I will put the movie on my homepage. I hope you like it. The title of the film is now: The sacred stone of Horus”.


First finished renderings

After recieving a filing extension we have now a little more time to make our film better. Here you see now the first finished renderings:

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