2D-, 3D-, Character animation
and Stopmotion

In my childhood I visited the Walt Disney Animation Studios. I saw how the animators brought life into the drawings. I was so fascinated that I decided to become an animator one day too. Some years later as part of my spare time I made my own animation shorts in 2D, 3D, Stopmotion and Motion Capture. I invite you to watch my animations.

Merkaba 6:26

The Merkaba spaceship is in a journey inside the human…

  • Team: All my semester produced this short in 4 months.
  • My Tasks: Concept-design, animation, postproduction
  • Completion:  Februar 2007
  • Main software:  Maya, After Effects, Fusion

Pele the panda 3:58

Pelé loves to watch Soccer games on his television, he has been anxiously waiting to watch his favorite team, Brazil, play in the World Cup Final match, but…

  • Team: Pele the panda is my degree short on the German Film School. During 3 month I produced it.
  • My Tasks: Everything
  • Completion:  August 2007
  • Main software:  Maya, After Effects, Combustion

The sacred stone of Horus 8:31

A jewel is kept guarded at all times and many a thief try to steal the jewel from its rightful place 

  • Team: Marc Egli, Brigitta Encke, Sebastian Thinnes, Christian Hercher and myself.
  • My Tasks: Regie, Preproduction, animation, postproduction
  • Completion:  February 2006
  • Main software:  Maya, Fusion

Gambare Saburou! 1:59

Saburou wants to smash the table, but …

  • Team: This short was my solo project in the German Film School (2. semester).
  • My Tasks: Everything
  • Completion:  September 2005
  • Main software:  Maya

GaLLaxY WhOyi 0:37


  • Team: I made this short with my whole semester in 5 days.
  • My Tasks: Modelling and animation
  • Completion:  February 2007
  • Main software:  Maya, Fusion

Wilson the snowman 1:52

Wilson is alone in the snowy landscape and he is bored… 

  • Team: I made this short in 4 days.
  • My Tasks: Everything
  • Completion:  September 2006
  • Main software:  Maya, After Effects, Fusion

Flytrap 1:53

An Illustrator wants to paint a plant but she is distracted by a fly… 

  • Team: Marc Egli, Marc Erhardt, Cordula Langhans, Manuel Müller, Alexander Nehls and myself.
  • My Tasks: Character design, animation
  • Completion:  September 2004
  • Main software:  Animo

Curious 3:20

A 2D guy has to experience a myriad of adventures – and he’s pretty curious.

  • Team: Marc Egli, Michael Grund, Christian Hercher, Martin Joswig, Alexandra Zühlke, and myself.
  • My Tasks: Producer, Character design, layout, animation
  • Completion:  February 2005
  • Main software:  Animo

Die Versuchung 1:30

A worm tries to get an apple but he is too small…
We produced this stop motion short within a week. 

  • Team: Frank Funk, Jochen Koch and myself.
  • My Tasks: Modelling, animation
  • Completion:  July 2003
  • Main software:  Adobe Premiere

Showreel Motion graphics