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Pope Benedict XVI visited Munich

The pope Benedict XVI visit this week Bavaria for 6 days. He celebrated yesterday an open-air Mass with 250.000 people in Munich. For this reason my family and I decided to drive there to see the pope and celebrate the Mass with him. First we visited my cousin in Heilbronn on Friday/Saturday and then we …


Homepage update | New semester

Today the 5th semester has begun. In the next half year our class will produce a “Merkaba”project. More informations about this movie you will get in some days. Yesterday I updated my homepage: I refreshed the drawing category with new digital paintings and put the last projects like Adidas commercial, science fiction projekt and our …


Visiting card

In the last weeks I thought about the time after filmschool and I decided to prepare me a little for my professional life. So I made topical my curriculum vitae, designed my visiting card and I paint a new mascot.


Germany is out

Yesterday the semifinale was a dramatic game. Germany lost contra Italia 0:2 in the overtime, 2 minutes before the game is over. It is so frustrated. But I think that was a great World Cup for Germany! And now I know why the italien team has won. The national coach of Italy has made a …



Yeah! Germany is in the semifinal of the World Cup here in Germany. It was a very thrilling game contra Argentina yesterday. I was with friends on the “Fan-Meile” in Berlin and we saw with 750.000 people the game. And the ambience was fantastic!!! Click here to see a little video (600 kb) to feel …


FMX is over

I’m back from Stuttgart. The FMX was very awesome. There were very interesting conferences/presentations. So for example “Open Season”, the presentation of Pixar`s shortfilm: “One man band” and the making of “King Kong”. I hope that I can visit the next FMX in one year.


FMX | Achtung Berlin Festival

Well in the next week our filmschool will be fly to the FMX Festival in Stuttgart (May 3-6).I hope I will get many impressions. Last year it was very funny with a lot of lectures.Yesterday the “AchtungBerlin“- Festival called me and said that they want show my short “Gambare Saburou” on the Festival (May 11-17) …


Open Day

Yesterday we had open day on our filmschool and a tv-team from rbb interviewed our team about the film. So we talked about the making of and the filmschool. You can see the broadcast on Friday 06/14 on rbb. It was a nice day.



Yeah! I’m back! Last week we’ve got vacacions (1 week) from the Filmschool. That was my first vacacions since I’m lived here in Elstal. It was great, I relaxed and met friends. Last days a special effects company called me and ask me if I could work for them for one month as Concept Artist …


film music

The last days were very stressful. Tomorrow we have to finish our film.In the last days a friend, Justin R. Durban from USA, has composed a fantastic music for our film. If you know more about him, visit his webpage: www.

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