Please read the statements from my clients/design companies and what they have to say about me:

[highlightbox]“Hans-Jürgen Sodeikat has designed some corporative brochures and promotional flyers for our company. Just mentioning a basic idea is enough for him to create an original, attractive logo. He has come up with a great further development [of our logo] and new publicity concepts that made us accomplish our marketing plan and increase our sales.

We do not want Hans-Jürgen Sodeikat working with our competitors but we must recognize the profesionalism and creativity he puts into everything he does.

Ricardo Diaz Sara, CEO Farmalatina LTDA., Santiago de Chile, 2015[/highlightbox]

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„It was 2003 and we were going to redesign Kelkoo. We thought it would be interesting to find design talents mong our users, rather than taking the ususal route (hiring an agency and so on). So we asked online in all eight countries for logo proposals. Hans-Jürgen’s proposal immediately stood out from the crowd, so Kelkoo bought his logo and invited him to come from Germany to Norway to work with the product development team on the site design and the visual conception of the site. The fact that Kelkoo still today is using HaJü’s logo speaks for itself.

Already back then he was very mature as a designer, and I have several times later called on his services and he has remained a good friend of mine. He also made the logo for my company Ignitas back in 2007. No designer I have worked with (and I have worked with dozens and dozens) has such an exceptional ability to create a really excellent logo on very few trials – for me he is a natural born logo designer.“

Gard Jenssen, Vice President Product Management (2000-2006) / Owner Ignitas (2006-today), 2015[/highlightbox]

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[highlightbox]“The mission was to transfer our corporate design into a living print design for our magazine. Hans-Jürgen worked in a passionate and clean way. The result is pure and without frills. Great Job.“

TobiasAckerhelden GmbH, 2014[/highlightbox]

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[highlightbox]Hans-Jürgen manages to develop any approach of an idea to a successful result and with his creative skills he’s able to visualize it aptly at the end. It’s fascinating, it’s magic.

T. Paulert, Human Resource Manager, Head of industrial training, RUNNERS POINT Warenhandelsgesellschaft mbH, 2012

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[highlightbox]Hans Jürgen designed the logo for my company. He came up with a unique design that combined area/color/message. The design has been highly praised by colleagues, clients and investors.”

Carlos J. Camacho, Associate Professor at University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, 2012[/highlightbox]