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Tasks: Logo design

Kelkoo is Europe’s leading B2C e-commerce interlocutor and currently one of Europe’s 10 biggest companies in term of Internet users. Kelkoo’s business is to send qualified leads to on-line merchants in 9 European countries.

The Kelkoo Corporate Product team is developing and specifying the web site for Kelkoo in all 9 countries. Our working language is English.

Kelkoo launched an open world-wide contest to create the company’s new logo in early 2003. The intention of the contest was only to only replace our existing logo if we found a really excellent alternative among the contest proposals. Hans-Jürgen distinguished himself not only by submitting one of ten winning proposals (out of 1.745 in total) – but even by creating a logo we like so much that we decided to use it.

Subsequently we invited Hans-Jürgen to join the Corporate Product team in Oslo for a week’s design work in May and 4 weeks in August 2003 to work with our design team on a new design/look&feel to fit well with the new logo.

During this stay Hans-Jürgen worked very hard and inspired the entire team with his design work. Hans-Jürgen is a very promising designer and he easily found his role in a top-notch European Internet team. Finally Kelkoo invited Hans-Jürgen to present his logo to the entire team of Kelkoo employees at the company summit in Sicily in September 2003.

Hans-Jürgen is a very ambitious and positively smart designer. We believe that his contribution to Kelkoo will be the start of a great designer career and wish him all the best for the future.

Gard Jenssen, Vice President, Product Management, 2003