Over the hedge

By Juli 6, 2006Januar 27th, 2013One Comment

I went tonight with friends to cinema to see the new Dreamworks animation movie „Over the hedge“. It was amazing and so cute. I can recommend to everyone to see it. The movie is an excellent feel-good and laugh movie with lively patters. And the squirrel Hammy is my favorite of the animals, he is so cool. If you always wondered why animals love to go through trash you will find out in a funny and great way.

One Comment

  • mamú sagt:

    Hi hajü,
    it’s funny, I hit your link and navigate your blog from the index html. =)

    Nevertheless, tidy and nice blog you got, I wish I could make it to keep it that much like a diary with pictures.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog,
    I changed its name a while ago, but please visit me under…

    Heard sad news from Elstal yesterday, wish you all good. Hasta,

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