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Yesterday I recieved the sad message that my friend Jürgen Peter (Pittar) Porzelt (* 25.1.1948 – † 30.4.2008) is dead. I’ve lost my best friend. He was a remarkable person, a great artist and a fantastic friend. During the last 14 years I could ask him everything, he had always a advice for me and I learned a lot of him. And HE was the man who teach me: 2d-animation, drawing and caricature. All my basis-knowledge about these themes I learned from him.
The first time I met him with 18 years when I was student apprentice in his Graphic & Design studio in Wolfenbüttel/Germany. From this moment our friendship begun. Everytime when I visited him we talked about everything like the work, artists, the world, religion, family, love, events of the day,
our website and the life! In the future we also wanted open a company together and we had a lot of ideas. I couldn’t believe it when he told me on last November that he has Cancer. But I hoped that he will get well soon. So I tried to visit him everytime when I was in Germany. I said to me: Hope springs eternal. Unfortunately the Hope is gone last week and also my best friend.

I will miss you Jürgen…

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