Brrrr…in the last days we had very cold weather, under 0° degree, and today it began to snow. Now we notice that the pre-Christmas period is coming. I made this picture (town hall) tonight before I went home.


Good morning squirrel!

Every morning a little squirrel search his food in front of my front door. He is so cute and so fast. Fortunately I shot some photos from him today.


Degree celebration

I found this picture with a little article of our degree (diploma) celebration on the german film school website. It was a little ceremony but nice . Since that time it has been past 2 month, wow.



Today in the morning I restarted with the running training. For my birthday my sister bestowed me the nike + ipod sportkit and so I tested it finally. That was so cool. You put a chip on the shoe and your ipod nano shows the distance, kilometers, calories and the effective velocity during your course. …


What a week!

Now I lived here 2 weeks and it began to dawn on me that how the life and job works here in Norway. Every day I met new people and customers and the work by Ignitas is very varied. So I am responsible for web-, print-design and animation. (Ignitas wrote some words about my works …


Aker Brygge

My first working week is nearly over. It was very exciting and a lot to do. Tomorrow I will inspect some flats and visit the city finally. In my today’s lunchtime I made this picture. In the red house (left) you can find our office. It’s beside the harbor and “Aker Brygge” a famous place …



In some minutes my first work-day here at Ignitas is over. I have my own workplace and work here as a freelancer. My first client came today and we spoke about his application. It was very cool. Now I will go home with bus. Runars house where I’m stayed in this moment is 20 km …



Today I came to Oslo. That is my third time that I visit this beautiful city. But the first time that I will stay for a longer time. The flight was nice and the family of my friend Gard is very sympatic. In some minutes we will visit Runar where I will stay for the …


Back in Germany

Yesterday night I came back from Santiago. The 16h-flight was agreaable and in Frankfurt I met my friend Maren who flew later to New Zealand for a half year. It was a nice surprice. Now I have to prepare me for my stay in Oslo. Just only 3 days…


Flight away

Lo and hold!!! In this moment my airplane flies to Germany without me. Why? Because I had many unforeseeable occurrences. So I was caught up in a traffic jam and then I had problems on the fly counter with my bags . Now I will still stay here 4 days longer. Incredible!

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