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Aker Brygge

My first working week is nearly over. It was very exciting and a lot to do. Tomorrow I will inspect some flats and visit the city finally. In my today’s lunchtime I made this picture. In the red house (left) you can find our office. It’s beside the harbor and “Aker Brygge” a famous place …



In some minutes my first work-day here at Ignitas is over. I have my own workplace and work here as a freelancer. My first client came today and we spoke about his application. It was very cool. Now I will go home with bus. Runars house where I’m stayed in this moment is 20 km …



Today I came to Oslo. That is my third time that I visit this beautiful city. But the first time that I will stay for a longer time. The flight was nice and the family of my friend Gard is very sympatic. In some minutes we will visit Runar where I will stay for the …


Back in Germany

Yesterday night I came back from Santiago. The 16h-flight was agreaable and in Frankfurt I met my friend Maren who flew later to New Zealand for a half year. It was a nice surprice. Now I have to prepare me for my stay in Oslo. Just only 3 days…


Flight away

Lo and hold!!! In this moment my airplane flies to Germany without me. Why? Because I had many unforeseeable occurrences. So I was caught up in a traffic jam and then I had problems on the fly counter with my bags . Now I will still stay here 4 days longer. Incredible!


3ra corrida por la vida

Today I participated with my cousins on the family running contest “Corrida por la vida” here in Santiago. The event was for the women with Cancer. The course was 10 km long and it was very warm but many people run all the same. During the running you could see the cordillera covered with snow. …



I’m living exactly 32 years now on this planet yeah! The day was great and unforgettable. My family and some relatives from Santiago came to celebrate my birthday. What a surprice :o) Thanks to my friends who congratulated me today.


Santiago de Chile

Last week I came back to Santiago to spend the next two weeks here. We had beautiful weather and I made many things with my cousins and friends. Yesterday we went to a little village (Isla de Maipó) to celebrate the virgin of Maipó. It was very interesting and traditional. What a bammer that the …


Quintay – Chile

Since Monday I’m in Chile to visit my relatives. All people here have free this week by reason of national holiday. So we are now in Quintay a little village near Santiago. It’s very beautiful and we have wonderful sundowns :o) -> more pictures


Half marathon

I’m back !!! Last week I could relax a little, I hope this week too ;o)Yesterday I was running my first half marathon (20 km) here in Braunschweig. More than 700 people have participated on the „Schapener Volkslauf“. The weather was ideal to run and the halfmarathon round was very nice. After just under two …

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